Thursday, November 20, 2014

Swing Dancing, Thrift Shopping, and New Cars

These last couple weeks have been great! Braxton's semester of school is coming to an end so he's been really busy with final papers, presentations, and studying for his final exams. I've been on that normal 40 hour work grind, and it's nice that at the end of the day I get to come home to my sweet husband. 

It's also No-Shave-November right now which means Braxton's growing out his facial hair.. which is not something I'm particularly fond of, but I'm getting used to it. Only one more week of the scruffy face! 

Two weekends ago was Tristan's baby blessing! Taylor and Melissa came down from BYU-Idaho for it, and they stopped in Logan friday night to hang out with us! I made us all dinner and we had fun talking, laughing, and getting to know Melissa better. After dinner we played Taboo and ended up leaving it at a tie because Melissa and Taylor were a pretty fair match for Braxton and me. After Taboo Braxton made one of his famous giant cookies in the skillet for us! All in all it was a super fun night. 

Saturday we headed down to Provo to go on another double date with Tyler and Laurie! We absolutely LOVE hanging out with them and had such a fun time saturday night. We decided to go swing dancing, but before that we went to this awesome place called Soda-licious. It's basically gourmet soda's and we all got super yummy drinks! Then we were walking around and Tyler and Laurie said they found this little store that they thought I would love. So we stopped in there for a little bit and they were right! I totally fell in love with the store! It had a bunch of vintage clothes as well as old fashioned type writers, camera's, and all sorts of cool stuff! There was also some kind of weird stuff in there as well and Tyler had fun modeling the funky clothes. (: If they're trying to convince us to move to Provo, they are definitely doing a good job of it.

After we left the shop we headed to the swing dancing place and spent a few hours there dancing! Tyler and Laurie are both pros and were doing all sorts of crazy moves, and Braxton and I had never really done much swing dancing so we spend most of the night just trying to learn the simple steps. But by the end of the night we got the hang of it and the whole thing was a blast! After swing dancing Sierra texted me and asked if we all wanted to go over to her place and have cookies and hot chocolate with her and Cody. (Sierra just got engaged and I hadn't seen her since the proposal so I was really excited to go over there.) The four of us went over to her apartment and spend a couple hours there hanging out and talking. It was great to get to know Cody a little better too, and we had fun talking about wedding plans with Si! I'm so excited for them! 

Sunday was Tristan's baby blessing and it was great to spend that time with Braxton's family. Don't I have the cutest nephew ever?? 

The following weekend we had the chance to stop at the D.I. and found another blazer for Braxton to add to his growing collection! The collections getting quite big and the best part is, almost all the jackets we've gotten have been from the thrift store for a super good price!! (This is Braxton's "stop taking pictures of me especially while the sun is in my eyes" face)

We also had the opportunity to go to Nikki's baptism that Saturday! Uncle Matt asked me to play piano for it, so that was fun to be able to do that and see all our family as well. Heidi was supposed to conduct the music, but she was sick so Braxton volunteered. I'm so lucky to be married to such an amazing and talented man. After the baptism we went to Matt and Pili's house for lunch. We had a fun time talking with everyone and especially seeing Grandma and Grandpa again! It was also nice for the Johnson side to get to know Braxton a little better since they don't know him that well. 

On my day off work back in Logan we had some fun doing a little Christmas shopping and walking around the mall. Somehow whenever we go shopping we always end up in the music store.. I'm so happy I married someone who has just as much of a passion for music as I do! 

This weekend was another busy one! We haven't spent a single weekend at home in weeks and I swear our ward probably think's we've gone inactive. We drove back down to Kaysville saturday night and Sunday we headed to South Jordan for Braxton's last companion from the mission's homecoming! It was Elder Parker's homecoming, Elder Parker was Braxton's last companion on the mission and Braxton was his trainer. I could tell there was a special bond that the two of them had and I'm so glad we were able to go. 

We also have been having some serious car issue the past few weeks. We've been borrowing one of Braxton's parents cars, but it's an old truck that's a manual and I can't drive stick so Braxton's been having to drive me to and from work every day and it's been pretty difficult. We've been praying about it a lot and decided it was time to start looking for a new car. As if it was an answer to our prayers, one of Braxton's best friends Kevin has an older brother who's looking to sell his Mazda. It's a super nice car and in really good condition and because we're friends he's offering us a super good deal. He also is a mechanic and told us if we bought it he would fix anything in the future that goes wrong with it for free. So Sunday when we got back from Elder Parkers homecoming we headed over and took a look at the car and we love it! We're getting everything figured out this week and will hopefully be buying it this coming weekend. God does answer prayers! 

It's a good life! 
xo - Lexie

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