Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Honeymoon Hikers

After the wedding we drove up to Snowbird to have our little weekend get-away! The condo we stayed at was in the mountains and it was absolutely gorgeous. I kept looking out the window and saying to Braxton excitedly, "It looks like a painting!" We had so much fun exploring the hiking trails up there and having a picnic in the mountains. 

We got all dressed up and went to this really nice mexican restaurant for dinner one of the nights. It was weird to be referred to as Braxton's wife though . . . definitely something that's going to take some getting used to! When we left the restaurant it was pouring rain so we hurried and ran to the car. Our friends had decorated the outside of the car with streamers, paint, and oreos so when we got to our car, the once pretty decorations had turned to a big pile of mush! Fortunately, it rained pretty hard all night and by morning pretty much everything was washed away. We definitely got a good laugh out of it.

All in all, it was an amazing ending to our busy and exciting week!

xo Lexie

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Big Day!

It's official. August 21st is the very best day of my life. The morning of the wedding was full of excitement and lots and lots of butterflies. My bridesmaids all came over to Nana and Gramps house that morning and we all got ready together downstairs. Since Sierra is in beauty school she helped with everyone's hair and makeup. As we drove to Eldredge Manor I tried not to freak out too much. I kept thinking to myself how after today I was going to be a married woman. I was going to have a different last name! And I just felt so unprepared for whatever was about to happen. As soon as I saw Braxton, all the nerves went away though. I knew that it was right and that he was the one that I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with. 

I'm so thankful for my mom and all the support and love she gives me every day. I don't know where I'd be without her and I'm so glad she was able to be by my side throughout this special day. 

My lovely Maid of Honor!

Tyler came in to give me one last hug before all the events of the evening started. I will always remember this special moment.

After Chelsea got pictures of us getting ready she took braxton down into the gardens and then sent Jay up to get me. Braxton had his back turned to me and I had to walk up behind him and tap his shoulder for him to turn around and see me for the first time in my wedding dress. Braxton said when he heard me behind him it took everything he had not to turn around right then. Finally he was able to turn around and we were able to have our "first look." Chelsea was there capturing the whole thing with her camera and it was such an intimate moment between the two of us. We just looked at each other grinning like a bunch of idiots. Completely smitten with each other. After our first look we got some family pictures as well as pictures with our wedding party before the ceremony started. 

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to post all of the pictures from the wedding when Chelsea sends them to me. For now, the only pictures we have are the ones people took on their phones and sent to us. 

Throughout the entire ceremony I couldn't stop smiling. I was just so happy that this day was finally here and that I was able to commit myself to Braxton forever. It felt so right standing there with him, and I hope I never lose that feeling. After the ceremony everyone came up and congratulated us. Josh and Jo even came all the way from California! So many people were there to support us and be a part of our day and Braxton and I couldn't have been more grateful. 

The reception started at 7 and we had a receiving line for the first hour. After that we cut the cake and I threw the bouquet. (Rachel caught it!) My favorite part of the reception is what came next. Dad and I walked on to the dance floor and had our daddy daughter dance. I admire Dad so much and will never forget dancing around the living room with him to sleeping beauty as a little girl. It was such a tender moment as we danced together and part of me will always stay his little girl. Towards the end of the song I noticed Braxton sitting in a chair with a guitar and a microphone. I got really confused because the plan was for Braxton and me to have our first dance after the daddy daughter dance. The song ended and suddenly Braxton started strumming his guitar. Before I knew what was happening he was singing our song "Perfect For Me" by Ron Pope and I was holding back tears. It was such a beautiful surprise and I just couldn't stop thinking how lucky I was to be married to this man. 

After Braxton's song he stood up and walked over to me holding out his hand to dance. We shared our first dance as a married couple to the song "Never Stop" by SafetySuit and after our song ended celebration music started playing and everyone else joined in dancing! For the last hour we danced and laughed and celebrated. 

We even had a chance to slip into the photo booth for some of those cheesy wedding photo booth pictures. Honestly, I never wanted the night to end. 

We ran out to our car through an awesome sparkler send off! Our bridesmaids and groomsmen had decorated our car and stuffed the inside with balloons. When we finally got enough of the balloons out to get into the car we waved goodbye and "rode off into the sunset."

The whole night really was a fairy tale. 
A fairy tale I will always remember.

xo Lexie (Foust)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Week Before The Wedding!

I can't believe the wedding is already almost here! This week has been amazing. It was so great to see Braxton again too. It was really nice knowing that our summer apart is over and now we just get to spend the rest of our lives with each other. (It sounds cheesy I know, but it's true.)

I flew in Saturday afternoon and Braxton's mom picked me up at the Salt Lake Airport. Braxton, Tyler, and Kevin were driving back from Texas and wouldn't be back in Utah until the next day so I spent Saturday night with Braxton's family and it was a blast. We worked on some wedding things at the house for a bit and then all of us piled into the car and headed to the county fair that was going on. It was so fun! The coolest part was probably the elephant show that we watched. It was just really awesome to spend some time with Braxton's family and get to know them even better. I always love goofing off with Jaden and McKenna. Braxton told me that he wouldn't be getting to Utah until around 3:00pm on Sunday so that morning I was getting ready to go to church with his family and I heard a knock on the bathroom door. I asked who it was and nobody answered so finally I opened the door and Braxton was standing there!! Apparently he had driven all through the night and didn't stop for anything except gas. It was such a great surprise to see him standing there and it put the biggest smile on my face. After a long hug, Tyler finally broke us up to get his hug in. I definitely missed him a lot too. It was hard having my two best friend away for three months!

After church Jessica and Russell came over with Tristan! This was the first time Braxton got to meet him and it was so cute to watch him with his new nephew. I'm already so in love with their baby and we've made it clear we're going to be his favorite Aunt and Uncle. I can't wait to spoil him!

Monday was awesome! I had a job interview that morning at Convergys, which is a call center in Logan working for Comcast. And . . . I GOT THE JOB! So that's great because it will be 5 days a week from 7am-3pm, which will be perfect so I can spend the nights with Braxton! After the interview we went to our new apartment and started moving things in! It's our very first home together and moving in together is definitely a big step in our lives. You could say I was a little excited. 

Tuesday was my bachelorette party! I picked up Baylie from the airport that morning (she was supposed to fly in the night before but she had some flight delays and ended up not being able to get to Utah until tuesday morning) and we headed down to Provo to meet the rest of the girls! It was so exciting to have my best friend in Utah just for my wedding. That day the plan was to go to 7 Peaks Water Park, but it was pretty rainy and the park was closed. Instead we went to Sierra's apartment and hung out at her pool/hot tub. I loved seeing all my best friends hanging out together. After that, we went back to the apartment and got all dressed up for a "night out." Baylie told us that we all had to wear "Little Black Dresses" and the theme was perfect! She went to so much planning for this night and had a sash and a tiara for me as well as necklaces for us to all wear and pins that said "team bride" and my pin said "bride to be." 

We went to Olive Garden for dinner and Baylie had a super fun Truth or Dare game that we played at the table. It had goofy things on it like going up to a guy and getting his number, or telling a stranger a cheesy pick-up line, or telling your most embarrassing story. We were all crying from laughing so hard by the end of dinner. 

After dinner we went back to Rachel's apartment and Baylie had bought tank tops for all of us to wear. Mine said "He put a ring on it" and all the bridesmaid's shirts said "Team Bride." The girls decorated the whole apartment with streamers and balloons and then we proceeded to play a bunch of ridiculous and hilarious bachelorette party games. 

I think it's safe to say I have the best maid of honor ever! The whole day was so fun and I felt so blessed to have such wonderful friends. 

Braxton and I have the best friends ever! This morning we all went out to breakfast together before the rehearsal. It was awesome to get all the bridesmaids and groomsmen together and just hangout and laugh for a little bit. 

After breakfast we headed to Eldredge Manor for our wedding rehearsal. I still can't believe that tomorrow I'm getting married. The day that I've been dreaming about and planning for for so long is finally almost here and it doesn't feel real! I'm definitely happy to have these friends by my side tomorrow. Braxton and I agree we have the best wedding party ever. 

After the rehearsal we headed over to the courthouse to get our marriage license!

Now all that's left is the final step: THE WEDDING!

xo Lexie

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Goodbye Michigan!

This week was a bitter sweet time for me. I'm so excited to be back in Utah and see Braxton again, but it's hard to say goodbye to my home and family. I've really appreciated having the time this summer to get closer with my parents and Connor and Trent. In high school I was always locking myself in my room, or going out with friends. There was always an excuse to not spend time with my family. Coming back home this summer was great because unlike before, I really WANTED to spend time with my family. I loved getting to know my brothers better, and I really enjoyed the long late night talks I was able to have with my mom and dad. I look at them as friends now more than parents. So you can imagine how difficult it was to say goodbye to them this week, especially knowing that I would never be living at home with them again. But as hard as it was, I'm excited for this new chapter of my life that's about to unfold in front of me!

These boys have become such amazing friends. I can always count on them to make me laugh. As cliche as that sounds, it's true. I can't think of a single day this summer where they haven't done something completely ridiculous that made me crack up laughing, and that's why they're so great.

I love these goofballs!

I think the hardest person of all to say goodbye to was Mom. She's my best friend and my biggest role model. I love that I can talk to her about anything and we've made so many fun memories this summer. She's taught me so many great things the past few months about being a good wife, and I'm excited to be able to use all of her advice! This week we went and got our nails done together and it was SO FUN! But then again, any day spent with Mom is a fun one. 

And now it's time to say goodbye to good old Michigan! Hopefully I'll be back soon. 

Utah, here I come!! 

xo Lexie

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Unforgettable Weekend

Braxton and I have definitely had a hard time with this summer being apart right before the wedding. These last three months have been filled to the brim with nothing but work, wedding planning, and exhaustion; and anybody can do the math and see that it equals nothing but a whole lot of stress. So Braxton and I decided it was worth it for us to spend a little bit of our hard earned money and fly him out to Michigan for a weekend. He definitely needed a break from the summer sales and I was needing some time with him before we came back to Utah and jumped into getting married right away after three and a half months apart. It was such a spontaneous thing which only added to our excitement, and before we knew it he was on a plane on his way to Michigan!

The four days we had together were filled with adventures and activities as well as our much needed time alone together to just relax and catch up. We walked the streets of downtown Grand Rapids holding hands with huge ridiculous smiles plastered on our faces. I showed him the places where I spent my time in high school and eagerly gave him a tour of the city I call home. Me and my family took Braxton to Lake Michigan and he was able to experience being on a great lake for the first time! It was so fun to watch him get in with my little brothers and see him as part of the family. We walked around Grand Haven one of the nights of the Coast Guard Festival and were able to lay on the grass together watching the fireworks. All in all it was a perfect weekend.

Fortunately our friend Baylie was able to capture some awesome shots of us while he was here!


And we got some (not so professional looking) pictures from our weekend as well. :) 

I got to the airport early to make sure I would have time to park and be there waiting when Braxton walked off the plane. Waiting in the airport for him was probably the longest 45 minutes of my life! 

Walking around downtown Grand Rapids with Braxton was great. We went to the Electric Cheetah for lunch and went record shopping at one of my favorite music stores. I love that I was able to find a guy who shares my passion for music. It's so fun to be able to have someone that I can share my favorite songs with, as well as someone who can introduce me to music I've never heard of before!

Our family day at the beach was so fun! We played bocce ball, frisbee, and paddle ball and had fun swimming in the freezing cold lake and hiking up sand dunes. It was definitely a day well spent, and it was a perfect way to show Braxton all the beauty we have in Michigan. (I joke with him that the goal of this trip was to get him to fall in love with Michigan so that he'll want to move here someday) 

We were able to spend one of our nights in Grand Haven at the Coast Guard Festival that goes on every year. It was a blast to walk around and enjoy all of the music and festivities around us. We were planning on getting the famous corn dogs at Pronto Pups but the line for them was at least a mile long so we decided it wasn't worth it. I guess we'll have to come back to Michigan another summer so he can experience them! (; Once it got dark we sat together on the grass and had a great view of the firework show that was going on right on the lake. I'd say it was a pretty perfect night!

The entire weekend was incredible and it was sad to see it come to an end. Except this time we didn't say goodbye, we only had to say "see you later." In exactly two weeks we will be getting married, and then every day will be a great one! 

xo Lexie

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