Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Unforgettable Weekend

Braxton and I have definitely had a hard time with this summer being apart right before the wedding. These last three months have been filled to the brim with nothing but work, wedding planning, and exhaustion; and anybody can do the math and see that it equals nothing but a whole lot of stress. So Braxton and I decided it was worth it for us to spend a little bit of our hard earned money and fly him out to Michigan for a weekend. He definitely needed a break from the summer sales and I was needing some time with him before we came back to Utah and jumped into getting married right away after three and a half months apart. It was such a spontaneous thing which only added to our excitement, and before we knew it he was on a plane on his way to Michigan!

The four days we had together were filled with adventures and activities as well as our much needed time alone together to just relax and catch up. We walked the streets of downtown Grand Rapids holding hands with huge ridiculous smiles plastered on our faces. I showed him the places where I spent my time in high school and eagerly gave him a tour of the city I call home. Me and my family took Braxton to Lake Michigan and he was able to experience being on a great lake for the first time! It was so fun to watch him get in with my little brothers and see him as part of the family. We walked around Grand Haven one of the nights of the Coast Guard Festival and were able to lay on the grass together watching the fireworks. All in all it was a perfect weekend.

Fortunately our friend Baylie was able to capture some awesome shots of us while he was here!


And we got some (not so professional looking) pictures from our weekend as well. :) 

I got to the airport early to make sure I would have time to park and be there waiting when Braxton walked off the plane. Waiting in the airport for him was probably the longest 45 minutes of my life! 

Walking around downtown Grand Rapids with Braxton was great. We went to the Electric Cheetah for lunch and went record shopping at one of my favorite music stores. I love that I was able to find a guy who shares my passion for music. It's so fun to be able to have someone that I can share my favorite songs with, as well as someone who can introduce me to music I've never heard of before!

Our family day at the beach was so fun! We played bocce ball, frisbee, and paddle ball and had fun swimming in the freezing cold lake and hiking up sand dunes. It was definitely a day well spent, and it was a perfect way to show Braxton all the beauty we have in Michigan. (I joke with him that the goal of this trip was to get him to fall in love with Michigan so that he'll want to move here someday) 

We were able to spend one of our nights in Grand Haven at the Coast Guard Festival that goes on every year. It was a blast to walk around and enjoy all of the music and festivities around us. We were planning on getting the famous corn dogs at Pronto Pups but the line for them was at least a mile long so we decided it wasn't worth it. I guess we'll have to come back to Michigan another summer so he can experience them! (; Once it got dark we sat together on the grass and had a great view of the firework show that was going on right on the lake. I'd say it was a pretty perfect night!

The entire weekend was incredible and it was sad to see it come to an end. Except this time we didn't say goodbye, we only had to say "see you later." In exactly two weeks we will be getting married, and then every day will be a great one! 

xo Lexie

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