Thursday, February 19, 2015

Valentines Day Weekend

Happy Valentines Day from the four of us! 
We are so so excited about the idea of twins and Braxton has to stop me from buying all the baby clothes I see right now. I just can't wait to spoil our little babes and it's killing me that we don't know the genders yet. We're kind of hoping it'll be a boy and a girl because then we get to experience all the joys of both genders, but I will be happy no matter what. I've been pretty sick the past couple weeks still, and this weekend it was really nice to get out of the house and dress up and have a fun weekend. 

Aren't these little red sneakers so adorable? I saw them at Old Navy and just HAD to buy them. (Partly because they're gender neutral so it's something I can actually buy for the twins right now, but mostly because how cute will our little babies be crawling around in matching sneakers?) I just can't wait. And since they fit the colors of the holiday I just had to snap a few pictures with them. 

Braxton and I had agreed we wouldn't do any big gifts or huge spendings this Valentines Day because we're in a place where we need to be saving all the money we can. But Braxton was so sweet and still found ways to make Valentines Day feel special. He got me these beautiful sunflowers (because he knows I prefer bright summer flowers over roses), some cute heart balloons, and the sweetest heartfelt card and I just melted. He really is such an incredible husband. 

Friday night we celebrated by going to a "Sweetheart's Ball" that our stake was putting on. It was super fancy and we had a nice dinner followed by dancing to some great music played by a live band. The whole night was super fun and (bonus) completely free! It was a blast and it felt so good to get all dressed up and spend a romantic night out with my love. Saturday Braxton had to work so he left pretty early and it gave me some time to put together Braxton's present and make some Valentines sugar cookies (because would it really be Valentines Day without them?). My parents were sweet enough to send us a little Valentines card with some money in it to treat ourselves to a nice dinner, and the plan was to go to Olive Garden that night. Unfortunately when Braxton got home from work I wasn't feeling very good at all and decided it would be best to stay in for the night. We ordered pizza and watched the Notebook per my request (I had never actually seen the entire movie before and wanted to). It was actually a really fun night and an awesome weekend. 

And then yesterday was Braxton's birthday! Since we didn't end up going to Olive Garden on Valentines day we went for a late lunch as part of Braxton's birthday celebrations. He is the hardest person on the planet to shop for and couldn't tell me anything he wanted for his birthday which made the whole thing quite frustrating and difficult. Finally I was able to figure out a couple things to get him and had quite a fun day with him celebrating. It's crazy to think of how much has changed since his last birthday. I wouldn't have it any other way, and I can't wait to see what this next year will bring!

It's been a great weekend, and next week we have another doctors appointment and we get to see our babies again! I'm hoping as this first trimester is coming to an end that the morning sickness will come to an end as well, but we will see. 

It's a good life!
xo Lexie
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