Thursday, April 7, 2016

Johnson's Come to Town!

It's general conference weekend! One of my very favorite weekends. AND to make it even better my family is in town from Michigan! I'm so lucky to have such awesome brothers and parents who make an effort to come out and visit us all the time. They came out Friday night and we spent the entire weekend snacking on way too much junk food, and listing to the words of the prophet. My spirit (and my stomach) were fed! The twins have changed so much since last time my family saw them so it was really fun to watch everyone play with them. Porter and Ollie are lucky to have such awesome Uncles! I don't think there was one second the entire weekend that they didn't have someone giving them attention! 

I absolutely love hosting things, and go a little overboard with parties when I have an excuse to throw one. I decided to make general conference a little more fun by making tons and tons of yummy food and having some games planned for us to play! I put general conference quotes on sticks to put in the food, and had a bucket full of prizes for whoever won the games. 

One of the games we played was kind of like "The Game of Things" but General Conference style. I passed out blank pieces of paper and had everybody write down quotes throughout the session that they liked. They wrote who said it on the back of the card. After the session was over I had everyone lay their cards out and we all had to guess which speaker said which quote. When you got one right you got a point, and the person with the most points got a prize. It was actually a lot harder than we all thought, and it made me realize I might need to work on my memory a little! haha! 

Another game we did after all the sessions were over was a "guess the baby food" game. I had all my brothers and my dad sit in a line of chairs blind folded and I grabbed a bunch of cans of baby food from the nursery and they had to guess what the flavor was! It was super funny and I had Braxton video tape the entire thing. We started with banana flavor and then moved to a couple weirder combinations. I threw one super gross one in there (ham baby food) and it was priceless to watch their reactions! 

I'm sad to see them go, but it's been a wonderful week!

Xo Lexie

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Feeling Blessed

My life has changed dramatically this past year because of these little humans. From going through a traumatic preterm birth via emergency c-section, to months fighting in the NICU, to the hectic life of chasing twins around. I've learned so much about being a mother, and a better person. I have learned to have faith, especially in those first few weeks when they were so small. I have learned patience, in the moments when I have one baby playing in his own spit up while the other one is screaming his head off. But most of all I have learned to have love. A love unlike any I have ever known. A love so unconditional that after a day full of melt downs, poopy diapers, and messes, I hold them in my arms and all I can think is how blessed I am. I'm supposed to be the one teaching them, but already they have taught me so much.

Xo Lexie

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