Monday, October 13, 2014

Giant Cookies, General Conference, and Double Dates

These last couple weeks have been crazy busy but so fun!! There's been a lot of time spent with family and friends which has been absolutely great. We are definitely blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives. 

We love lazy Sunday afternoons when Braxton's done with homework and I don't have to go to work so we just get to relax and enjoy our time together! Sundays are the best part of our week!

I came home from work last week and Braxton had surprised me by making a delicious giant cookie in our skillet pan! It was so good, and didn't last very long at all. (: He's always doing cute little surprises for me like this and I absolutely love it. And now that I know he can bake, I have a feeling I'm going to be putting in some requests for giant cookies on a regular basis. 

Last weekend was Braxton's mission reunion and so after work on Friday we headed down for that. It was so fun to meet all his friends from his mission that I've heard so much about. I loved meeting his mission president too. It was just such a great time to hear stories about braxton from his mission and see all these people that were such a big part of Braxton's life for two years. Everyone was super friendly and nice to me, and it was funny because a couple of the guys kept asking if I had friends that I could hook them up with. They were talking about how "Foust scored" and "how did Foust end up with her?" and it was pretty funny. Braxton kept telling me he was showing me off. 

Last weekend was also General Conference so after the mission reunion we drove back to Kaysville to stay the night there and spend the weekend with the family. Seeing my cute nephew was definitely a highlight! He is growing up so fast already and I can't believe it. We absolutely love him and he's definitely going to be spoiled by us! 

Another not so fun thing about last weekend is that our car started having some issues.. Braxton and his dad spent most of saturday in the garage working on the car and listening to conference from some speakers. It seems like this car of ours just keeps having problems, but I guess that's what happens when you buy a cheap used car right? 

Saturday night we drove up to Logan to watch McKenna's marching band preform at BBI, which is a huge band competition. The whole family got all geared up in Davis High clothes to cheer her school on, and it was actually really fun to watch all the bands! All of Braxton's friends were there too, including Taylor and his new girlfriend who came all the way down from BYU-I to see the band, so it was really fun to hangout with all of them. Davis ended up placing second, and once the competition was over we stopped somewhere for dinner and then headed back to Kaysville. Tyler drove up from Provo and met us at  Braxton's house that night and we all went over to hangout at the Nielson's house with all of our friends. We played Apples to Apples and just talked for a while and it was fun to hangout with all of them again. The reason why Tyler came up that night is because he was going to spend Sunday of conference with us and we were actually going to get to go to the Sunday morning session at the conference center!!! 

Sunday morning Me, Braxton, Tyler, and Jaden woke up early and headed to Salt Lake to watch conference. It was so cool to see so many people there from all over the place, and since Tyler and I had never been before we were super excited. 

General Conference was super awesome and all the speakers were incredible! The spirit was so strong in the conference center and it was so cool to be sitting in the same room as the prophet. As soon as Thomas S. Monson walked into the room you could just feel the spirit so strongly testifying that he was a prophet of God. I've never been more sure in my life that President Monson is a true prophet. 

After the session ended we spent a little bit of time walking around temple square. It was crazy because we all saw a bunch of people that we knew that we wouldn't expect to see there. Tyler saw one of his favorite companions from his mission's family, I saw an old friend from my ward in Michigan, Braxton saw some people from his mission. It was awesome! 

My awesome brother and brother-in-law! 

I'm going to miss this kid when he leaves on his mission in a week and a half. 

Conference was awesome and it was so great to spend the weekend with family. Braxton even texted my mom and asked what foods we have for conference so that he could make sure we had them his family's house so I would have a little piece of home. His mom was super awesome and made all of our traditional foods that we have! That was so nice of them and I really appreciated it. 

This past week, Braxton decided he was going to cook dinner for us one night. He bought steak and made a delicious steak dinner with rolls, salad, and mashed potatoes. He even got some 7-up and strawberry daiquiri mix and made us our own virgin strawberry daiquiris. It was such a delicious dinner and he was so cute about it. I truly believe I am blessed with the best husband ever! 

Oh, and we are absolutely loving this fall weather! 

This weekend was super fun too! We headed back down to Kaysville again after work on friday and had an awesome double date with Jaden and Valerie. Jaden bought 4 super warm blankets and we walked around temple square trying to find homeless people to give them too. Unfortunately we only found one person to give one to, but we still had a super fun time just walking around temple square and talking! 

Saturday we went on another fun double date with Tyler and Laurie. It was so fun to see Laurie again since I haven't seen her since before the wedding and we had a blast catching up. We drove up to the mountains and hiked to Stewart falls. It got dark pretty quick though so we decided to take a different way back to the car and it ended up being a lot longer. It got really dark and we all had to use our flashlights. By the time we got to the road we realized we still had at least another hour of walking to do to get to the car so we tried hitch hiking every time a car drove by. It was actually really fun and finally someone stopped and let Braxton get a ride up to our car so he could come get us. 

After we dropped Laurie off we picked up Jaden from a band thing he was at at BYU and the four of us went to go see a movie at the dollar theatre. Tyler came up with us that night after the movie because Sunday was Jaden's farewell. He leaves for the MTC this Wednesday! 

Tristan loves his Uncle Braxton. He was so good all day Sunday and we had such a fun time holding him during sacrament meeting and at the farewell open house. 

Happy October from us to you! 
xo - Lexie

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