Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Is Here!

This past week has been so much fun! I didn't work at all the entire week and Braxton was just starting his new job, so our normal roles were reversed for the week and it was fun to be the one at home cleaning the house and doing all the dishes for a change. When Braxton got off work on Christmas Eve we had our own little Christmas before heading down to his grandparents house. We opened stockings, exchanged gifts, and decided to start a tradition of our own! We decided every year we are going to write a letter to the other person telling them all of our favorite things about the year as well as all the things we are looking forward to doing together the upcoming year. My favorite part was writing the letter and thinking back to all the amazing things that happened in 2014. This has been my favorite year yet. After exchanging gifts, (Braxton was super sweet and got me the DSLR camera I wanted with help from his parents and mine!) we drove down to Grandma and Grandpa Stokers house for a fun Christmas Eve celebration. 

I love just spending time in the car with Braxton; talking, laughing, and singing loud and off key to the radio. He's the best travel companion! Once we got down to his grandparents house, we said hello to everyone and had a yummy dinner! Then we did something that's a tradition for his family. We played BINGO and whenever someone got a bingo they picked a white elephant gift out of the middle.. once the white elephant gifts were gone there were tons of candy bars to choose from! We played until all the gifts and candy were gone and had a blast! After that we opened presents from the grandparents, talked for a while and then headed home. As fun as the night was, I have to say it was weird to not be with my family doing our normal Christmas Eve program. On the drive back to Kaysville, I sort of broke down on Braxton and he was super sweet to me while I cried out of homesickness and missing my own parents and siblings. As hard as it was, there is no place I would rather be than with Braxton. I'm so lucky to be married to him and be brought into such an amazing new family. 

Christmas morning we spent opening presents, and talking with family. Then we headed over to Grandma Foust's house for a big Christmas breakfast with everyone on that side of the family! At noon we were able to Skype Jaden which was awesome. It was fun to hear his testimony and see how much he has changed since he left a couple months ago. After that we headed back to Braxton's parents house to finish exchanging the sibling gifts. 

Mckenna wrapped all her presents like monsters and it was almost too cute to open! 

After that we were able to Skype my family, which was my favorite part about the entire day! They were all there and it was so great to get to talk to them for a while and see their faces. I miss them a lot but being able to Skype them definitely made it better. I even got to see Coda!

That night we drove back up to Logan because Braxton had to work the next morning. He worked Friday and Saturday and once he got off work Saturday afternoon we were able to have our fun date night! (My favorite night of the week.) We went to Buffalo Wild Wings with the gift card we got from Braxton's parents for Christmas, and then headed over to the spectrum to watch the Utah State Basketball game that Braxton got us tickets for (one of the things that he put in my stocking.) It was the best night and we had so much fun. 

It was nice to be in our own ward for a change today and look! our pictures even up on the bulletin board! I love being this handsome man's wife. 

Merry Christmas! 
xo Lexie

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