Wednesday, January 28, 2015


We are so excited to announce that we are pregnant! We hadn't planned on this day coming for another five years at least, but now that it's here we couldn't be happier about it. Sometimes the biggest blessings are the ones you don't plan for! 

Throughout December we both had our thoughts that I might be pregnant. I took a pregnancy test towards the beginning of the month and it came out negative so I didn't think much more of it and decided we would just wait and see what happened. Towards the end of December I started feeling really nauseous and had trouble keeping foods down. That was our clue. Finally, one morning at 4:30am when I woke up super sick, Braxton told me it was time to take the test. Braxton and I stood there hugging each other in the bathroom watching the stick as the little plus sign appeared and we knew. There was a moment of panic that passed through both of our minds as we thought about how this was going to change our plans, and of course the "how in the world are we going to have the money to do this" but all of that fear was quickly followed by the excitement of being parents, and the beautiful reality that we were creating a human being. We immediately were both overwhelmed with a peaceful feeling inside, that can only have been God's assurance to us that everything was going to be okay. But it was going to be more than okay because we were having a baby together, and we were going to be our own little family, and it was going to be such an exciting new adventure. 

And then yesterday we went in for our first ultrasound. We were so excited to see the little human growing inside of me. Braxton got off work early and picked me up and we drove to the women's center full of anticipation. When it was finally time for the ultrasound the doctor came in and jokingly teased us about having triplets. He said he just jokes about that so that if it's twins it won't seem as bad. And that's when the ultrasound screen lit up with a very clear image of two separate babies. The doctor just started laughing. I was in shock. It hadn't even crossed my mind that we could have twins. I just started laughing. Having one baby was crazy enough, and now we were having two? 

Then the doctor let us hear both of the babies heartbeats. It was the most incredible experience ever. Each of those little babies had a tiny little heart that was beating away inside of me. Braxton got a huge smile on his face and I just started crying. I was so happy. So incredibly happy that God had chosen us to be the parents of these two little babies. 

They had thought I was about 12 weeks pregnant, and when the doctor felt my belly before the ultrasound he said I definitely felt 12 weeks pregnant. But it turns out I'm only 8.5 weeks right now, and I only look 12 weeks because there are two of them in there! Which means, by the end of my pregnancy I'm going to be HUGE. And that also means our due date is pushed back from the beginning of August to the very end of August. 

This is Braxton's "HOLY CRAP I'M HAVING TWINS" face. 

A little about how this pregnancy of twins is affecting me: 

Morning sickness - BAD. Except a more accurate name for it would be all day sickness. I have such a hard time just getting up and moving around without getting nauseous. Smells are my worst enemy. I've grown a super human sense of smell and the moment it catches any hint of food my stomach starts to churn. Right now I'm throwing up on average of about once a day, and holding food down seems impossible. The doctor did prescribe me with some anti-nausea medicine that helps a little though. Hopefully this will be over soon, but I've heard with twins the sickness can be a lot worse and last a lot longer. Praying that won't be the case with me! 

Cravings - I've had some weird cravings. Things I normally don't care for are all of a sudden sounded delicious to me! It's weird. A few of the things I've been wanting lately include chocolate chip pancakes, chicken wings, nectarines, honey nut cheerios, mozzarella sticks, and orange juice. There is no method to this madness. 

Aversions - Along with craving things I normally don't like, foods that I used to love now sound absolutely terrible to me! A few things I can't get close to without feeling sick include beef, peanut butter, ramen noodles, quesadillas, and pretty much anything with a strong flavor or spices in it. 

I am always exhausted, and Netflix has become my new best friend. But it's all going to be worth it!

We can't wait for our babies to get here!! 

xo Lexie


  1. I'm so excited for both of you! PLUS.... I sorta get to be an adopted grandma!!! (seein' as how we are all related outside the whole "Braxton/Taylor besties" thing thanks to Russica!) Love you guys!!!

    1. Thanks! and yes you are definitely going to be like an adopted grandma to those babies! :)

  2. Lexie, I just want to say thank you! Thanks for sharing this post and thank you for giving me two new little babies to love and spoil! You two will be amazing parents! Remember, you have a LOT of extended family around to help! We all love you!


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