Saturday, April 25, 2015

Gender Reveal!

I made it to 21 weeks! I feel like that's quite the accomplishment because let me tell you, being pregnant  with twins is hard work! But it's all going to be worth it when I get to hold my little babies in my arms. So I know I mentioned we weren't able to find out the genders at our 16 week ultrasound and had to wait another month to find out. I thought the day would never come and was absolutely dying with anticipation. Well… It finally came! Wednesday afternoon we had our 20 week appointment and all morning I was so excited. I kept telling Braxton "this is better than Christmas!" When the technician started doing the ultrasound it was so fun to see them moving around inside of me. (they were putting on quite the show for us!) I loved it because unlike the ultrasounds we had in the past, this one was very in depth and they took the time to measure every single part of each of our little babies bodies to make sure they were growing correctly. It gave us time to ooh and ahh over their cute little fingers and toes and I was in heaven! And guess what, they're completely healthy and on track! Something interesting that I didn't know is that the baby that's called "Baby A" and "Baby B" can change throughout the pregnancy. So far the baby on my right has been Baby A, but at this appointment it switched and the baby on the left became Baby A. Apparently it depends on which babies head is closer to the cervix, and right now they are neck to neck fighting each other to be the first out! So the technician started looking at the baby on my left and we quickly discovered it was a boy! As we moved over to the next baby it didn't take long to verify that "Baby B" was in fact also a boy! 
It actually came as a shock to me because in my head I always kind of thought it was a boy and a girl, I started laughing as I thought about my two little blonde haired blue eyed sons running around causing mischief and getting into all kinds of trouble. 
Let the adventure begin. 

Now, I'm going to be honest when I first found out I was having two boys I was a little sad. Not necessarily sad that I was having boys, just a little sad that I wasn't going to have a daughter. I grew up being the only girl, always wanting a little sister, and I had always imagined myself with a daughter. Someone I could put in cute little dresses and bows and take shopping and have "girl time" with. I just always pictured myself with girls. So to be completely truthful, yes. When I discovered I was about to have a house full of boys I struggled at first. 
And then I remembered that these two babies came to Braxton and me at a time we were not expecting. I remembered how I felt when I found out we were having twins. When I learned we were pregnant with twins I just knew that these babies were supposed to be part of our family, and they were meant to join us right now. When I remembered that, all my dreams of baby girls in little pink outfits disappeared and I realized these two boys needed ME. And they were meant to be part of our family. And that I was going to happier with my two sons than I could have ever imagined possible.

Since then I have had nothing but pure excitement for my boys. I already love them so much and can't wait to teach them how to do all those little things like walk and ride a bike as well as help them become strong smart young men who love God and respect women.

And now a little update on my pregnancy: 

Genders - BOYS! 

How Far Along - 21 weeks! which means I'm over half way! (36 weeks is considered full term for twins which means I probably only have 15-16 weeks left!)

Weight Gain - So far I've gained 15 pounds in this pregnancy. Although it feels like I've gained 100. 

Morning Sickness - GONE! Oh how wonderful that is to say! Gone are the days of waking up and running to the bathroom to throw up! Gone are the days of feeling queasy at the slightest wrong smell! Although unfortunately when one problem leaves another one begins. The second trimester has brought on terrible back pains/aches, heartburn (which I have never had before now), and extreme discomfort that makes it impossible to sleep through the night. But I'll take this over morning sickness any day!

Cravings - My number one craving for the past month has been chicken strips. I can't seem to get enough. Most of the time when nothing else sounds good to eat, you'll find Braxton running to the nearest Chick-fil-A to get me some. Mmm. Now I want Chicken Strips. 

Movement - Yep! The babies are moving around like crazy in there. And I'm feeling it! I absolutely love laying in bed feeling the boys kick and squirm and roll around. It's the best. 

Names - A lot of people are surprised to hear Braxton and I already have the names picked out, and we've had them picked out since the very beginning of the pregnancy. We've told our family and close friends, but the names won't be revealed via media until the babies are born. So you'll just have to wait and see. :) 

I love our baby boys and can't wait to meet them!

xo Lexie

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