Sunday, July 26, 2015

One Month Old!

Wow! I can't believe Porter and Oliver are already one month old!! These past four weeks have been crazy, but oh so wonderful. The twins are doing great in the NICU and are growing bigger and stronger every day. I love seeing how much they have changed in just the few short weeks they've been here. All day I look forward to when Braxton gets off work and we get to go to the hospital and hold our sweet little boys. I'm so blessed to be a mother to these babies and I already can't imagine my life without them.

They've had a few minor setbacks along the way but overall they're doing wonderful! Porter is already a little over 4 lbs and Oliver isn't far behind. Yesterday they decided the boys were doing well enough that they could be transferred from the hospital they've been at in Ogden to Logan Regional Hospital. As much as we've loved staying in Kaysville with Braxton's family, it's going to be so nice to be back in our own home. And the Logan hospital is only a five minute drive from our apartment compared to the 20 minute drive we've been doing every day, which means more daily visits to the hospital (which means I'm a very happy mama!) 

I absolutely love the time I spend with my sweet boys every day. One of my very favorite moments was when I got to hold both boys together at the same time. It was such an amazing feeling to be able to have both my babies in my arms and I never wanted to let go. 

They've definitely changed a lot since they were born and it's so fun to watch them develop more and more every day. Porter has totally chunked out in the past month and I just die over his squishy cheeks and little baby rolls that are starting to form. His personality has been developing as well and it's so funny to see the difference between him and his brother. Porter is our feisty one and seems to have a lot more to say about everything than Ollie. We love that such a strong personality can come from such a little baby and are looking forward to the adventures we have ahead of us with this one. 

We call Oliver our little philosopher. He always looks like he's deep in thought and spends most of the time that he's awake quietly taking in everything that's going on around him. Unlike Porter he doesn't seem to be bothered by diaper changes or bath time and will look up at us with his big blue eyes the entire time without making a peep. These two could not be more opposite and we love it! 

I will never get tired of watching Braxton with these boys. 

A couple weeks ago Braxton's mom and sister Jessica threw me an amazing baby shower! It obviously was supposed to take place before the babies were born, but since I was already out of the hospital and recovering well we decided to keep the date. The theme of the shower was Thing 1 and Thing 2 and all the decorations were absolutely ADORABLE! Braxton and I are so lucky to have such amazing family and friends who have been giving us support and love through all of this. So many people showed up to the shower and gave us super generous gifts that were more helpful than they probably realize. I've been pretty stressed since the boys arrived about not having everything we need and not being ready when they come home and all the help we received from our family made my stress level go from a 10 to a 1. I'm so thankful to have such incredible people in my life who are there for me and Braxton when we need it. (And check out those cute Thing 1 and Thing 2 hats Jessica made for the twins!)

Now the next task on the to-do list is to finish organizing the nursery! I have absolutely loved decorating the boys room over the past few months and can't wait until it's finished! 

I'm so lucky to be able to call these three dudes my family. 
It's a good life!

xo Lexie 

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