Friday, October 2, 2015

3 Months Old

I can't believe Porter and Oliver are already three months old! I guess part of why it's so crazy is because they weren't home with us for the first two months of their life. But still. They're just getting so big! I love these little dudes so much. 

Both boys are eating well and sleeping longer and longer periods of time at night. I'm so much looking forward to when the doctor says it's okay to let them sleep through the entire night and I can get a full nights sleep! They are so much fun to be around and I'm loving this age because they're starting to look around and act a little more curious about the world around them. It's so fun to see the look of awe in their huge eyes as they take in everything. They're also still pretty cuddly which I love. My favorite thing is to sit in a chair with one of them curled up in a little ball on my chest asleep. 

I love that cute little baby yawn!

And how am I ever going to say no to this face!? 

Porter: "Mom I'm hungry!"
Oliver: "Here, Eat my hand!" 

Brothers. Looking out for each other since day one. 

Porter weighs 10 lbs 11 oz now and is really chunking out! He's our feisty one (like I've said in the past) and the older he gets the more his personality shines through. This kid does not like it when you make him wait, which has proven to be quite difficult considering he's a twin. So most of the time he's the first one to get fed or changed while little Ollie waits for his turn patiently. As they get older we'll have to work on teaching him to wait his turn. Porter bug is getting more and more active every day and he even rolled over on his own the other day! We set him in his crib for tummy time and came back in the room 5 minutes later to see him laying on his back! We're still not quite sure how he did it and haven't seen him do it since, but with how much he tends to flail his arms and legs and push himself off the ground I'm not really surprised. 

Mr. Oliver is such a sweetheart! He weighs 10 lbs 8 oz now and is starting to get the cutest little rolls! He is the more mild one of the two, but he has started to have more of a voice these past couple weeks. He's also doing this fun thing now where he projectile vomits and the spit up shoots out of his mouth and gets everything around him covered in vomit. Basically anything in the room is fair game, and I only blame myself for the fact that he's gotten my laptop, my phone, and my entire wardrobe soaked. Ollie loves the hanging mobile we have and will lay underneath it for hours looking at the toys and reaching up and hitting them with his hands. He makes the cutest cooing noises as he plays and Braxton and I find ourselves just sitting and listening to the sounds he makes and laughing. 

Now please stop growing! 

xo Lexie

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