Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Four Months

Oh my gosh I cannot believe my little ones are already four months old! That's a third of a year! STOP GROWING BOYS. Or else you are both grounded. 
Haha but seriously. It's crazy. I love this age that they are at right now though and every new little thing they learn is such a proud mama moment for me. I love watching them grow and figure out new things. I am extremely lucky that we are in a position where I can be a stay at home mom and spend every day nurturing and caring for my kids. 

Oliver is such a little angel! He is such a happy baby and we have even gotten him to giggle a couple times which has pretty much been the highlight of my life. He loves laying on the play mat and reaching for the toys that are hanging above him. Lots of the time I'll lay him there and I'll just watch him try and grab the toys and make his adorable little cooing noises. He is getting super chunky and his squishy thigh rolls just make me melt. We love our little Ollie Pop!

Porter is getting more and more of a personality. He is so so active and is always kicking and flailing his arms all over the place. Always moving. He grunts a lot and if you don't figure out what he wants quickly he will transition from frustrated grunts to turning beet red and letting out a cry that you would not think was possible to come from such a small baby. He is getting super big and growing quickly! I can't believe he is already 12 pounds. We love our little Porter Bug so much and are excited to see what lies ahead of us with this one. 


xo Lexie

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