Friday, October 9, 2015

The Best Weekend

This weekend was SO GREAT! We had so much fun with family and friends and I wish it didn't have to end! We started out the weekend Friday afternoon by driving down to Kaysville. It was the boys first car ride that was longer than five minutes and I was a little worried but they did awesome! They slept the whole time and when they got to Braxton's parents house they were ready to play! 

We hungout there for a little bit and then Kim and Bruce watched the twins while we drove down to Provo for a fun night with friends! First we went to Braxton's mission reunion and said hello to all his old companions. It was great to visit with them and talk with some people that I'd heard stories about but never met. 

After that Braxton dropped me off at my friend's house in Provo for one of our good friends from Michigan's bachelorette party! I loved getting the chance to see all my friends from Michigan who I haven't seen in forever, plus it was super nice to have a girls night and have a break from the babies. I stayed there pretty late just laughing and playing all those fun bachelorette party games. I'm so excited for Jess and her fiancé! It's the best to see all my friends getting married and starting families of their own. 

That night we drove back to Kaysville and stayed the night there. We spent Saturday hanging out with Braxton's family and listening to the General Conference Talks. At the end of the day I came away feeling so uplifted and ready to try and be a better person. After the conference Braxton's Grandma and Great Grandpa came over to get some five generation pictures! 

I think it's so cool that Porter and Oliver have a picture with their Great Great Grandpa! 

And we got one with their Great Grandma Foust holding both of them.

And then of course while we were taking pictures we had to snap one with their cute grandparents. 

After conference was over we headed back to Logan and not long after Tyler and Cassie came over to spend the night. We decided we wanted to start a tradition of having all of the cousins get together for General Conference so Sunday morning Callie and her boyfriend Colton and his brother joined us as well and we had a full house! We all crammed into our little living room to watch the Prophets speak and eat way too much food. Callie and Cassie loved holding the twins and it was so great to spend the time catching up and getting to know Callie's new boyfriend. 

Uncle Tyler loved holding Porter and Oliver! They have the best uncles EVER!

I love this guy so much! I hope my kids have as close of a bond as me and Tyler do. 

The whole weekend was so great and I'm thankful to have so much awesome family and friends around us! We really are blessed with the best!

xo Lexie

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