Monday, October 12, 2015

The Perfect Sunday

We had the best day yesterday! I love Sundays because Braxton's home all day and we get to have some much needed family time. It was such a beautiful day outside that we just had to go for a walk. The cool fall air and the changing colors around us were the perfect therapy and the boys were absolute angels the whole time! We walked down to the park by our house and stopped and visited with friends we saw on our way. It's wonderful to get out of the house and get some fresh air and spend some time talking with Braxton away from all the distractions. 

And this double stroller is an absolute DREAM! We got such an amazing deal on it and the carseats just snap right in and it's ready to go. Lots of double stollers are hard to maneuver but this ones super easy to turn and fits into small spaces; We really lucked out!

These two little munchkins make us so happy and I swear they just get cuter and cuter every day! 

Happy Fall everyone! 
The Foust family sure is loving this time of year! 

xo Lexie

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