Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving is already over! What the what!?
It's been such a fun week. Here's a recap: 

I have bangs now.. Thanks to Sierra for always making my hair dreams come true. 
I think they'll stay a while. 

Tyler planned the FUNNEST group date (as always). 
Archery and then Mocking Jay Part 2. It was awesome to meet his date Mikayla, and hangout with Sierra and Cody some more. We have the coolest friends! 

(I even got a bullseye! … It was pure luck, but still!)

And then the BEST Thanksgiving day with Braxton's sweet family. Family, Food, and way too much Pie makes for a pretty successful day. 

I'm so thankful for these three handsome boys of mine and for the knowledge I have that I can be with them forever! I really am so blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

xo Lexie

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