Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hello November!

Hello November! I am welcoming this colder weather full force because all things wonderful come with it. Hot chocolate, warm sweaters, cozy mornings cuddling under a mountain of blankets.. and all things Christmas! I'm pretty excited about it. I think the boys are still trying to figure out how they feel about this chilly weather. But I sure am loving these extra warm snuggles I'm getting! 

There are so many pretty leaves on the ground right now that we just HAD to go out and play in them. Little did we know it was probably the last day that was warm enough for us to go outside without bundling up! 

The day after our leaf playing adventures we wanted to go outside to run some errands and brrrr! It was FREEZING! I had to wrap them up in a million layers just to go from our house to the car! I don't know how happy Oliver was about that… but they better get used to it because I have a feeling Logan is about to get real cold!

xo Lexie

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