Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Came Early

Another amazing weekend came our way. Sweet Mr. Owen turned one years old so naturally my cousin Chelsea had to throw the cutest birthday party I think I've ever been to. But I wouldn't expect anything less from her, she is probably the most stylish and creative person I've ever met. Total #momgoals. I still can't believe Owen is turning one because it seems like he was just born yesterday! It makes me really sad when I realize before I know it that's going to be P and O! Anyways. It was such a fun party at This Is The Place Heritage Park, and we loved seeing all of our family there too. 

BONUS! Dad flew out for the weekend for work so he was able to come out a couple days early and spend some time with me and the boys. (In all honesty he was probably here mostly for the boys, but still. We were in heaven.) 
Porter and Oliver absolutely LOVE him and they would just follow him with their eyes and give him the biggest smile whenever he walked in the room! And they definitely have their Pappa wrapped around their little fingers. 

We are celebrating Christmas early with Braxton's parents because we are going to be in Michigan for all of Christmas break, so after Owen's party we met up with Braxton's parents for a super fun night of Christmas celebrations and activities! We walked around the Christmas Village, went out to dinner, saw the lights at Temple Square and the boys were so good for all of it. People are constantly surprised at how well behaved our babies are and I'm starting to realize just how spoiled we really are. 

And I of course am going to be spoiling the two of them this Christmas and they won't remember any of it or have any idea what's going on! But holidays are just so much more fun with kids!

These two seriously need to stop growing because I am getting major mom-depression at how big they're getting. THEY'RE ALMOST SIX MONTHS. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!
Ahh. But they are such little cuties I guess I'm okay with it. Porter is 15 pounds now and Oliver is 13. Geez Louise. 

It's definitely a good life!

xo Lexie

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