Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Cutest Santa Pictures You Ever Did See

So I've been going a little overboard with everything for the twins first Christmas. There's so many traditions and activities I just feel like need to be done and I want P and O to experience them all. I was really wanting some nice professional pictures of them with Santa and Fotofly in Kaysville did incredible! I heard about them on Facebook, checked out their website, and quickly realized that for a super decent price I could do a shoot of the boys with Santa with Braxton dressed up as Santa!!! Sign me up! I jumped on it so fast and called to schedule the appointment right away. When I told Braxton's mom about it she thought it was such a great idea she wanted to book an appointment for their cousin Tristan too and one for them all together. We decided this needed to be a new Christmas tradition, and taking the pictures was SO FUN. Braxton and Tristan's dad, Russell dressed up in Santa suits (with the fake belly and everything) and they were able to capture the absolute sweetest pictures of our boys! Check them out! 

Every time I look at them I forget that it's actually Braxton in the Santa suit, and when I think about it I just start busting out laughing. It was such a fun little activity!

After getting the pictures taken we went back to Braxton's parents house and exchanged gifts because we would be leaving for Michigan the next day. We decided Jessica and Russell won at christmas because Russell drew a handmade picture of Porter and Oliver and framed it and it looks IDENTICAL to a picture of them Braxton took. And Jessica crocheted these adorable little Winnie the Pooh and Tigger dolls that I am just in love with for the twins. It's something they will probably keep for the rest of their lives. After gifts we made ginger bread houses, ate an unhealthy amount of ice cream, and enjoyed visiting with each other on our last night together before we left for Michigan. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm so blessed to have married in to such an incredible family. 

We are loving the holidays so far!

xo Lexie

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  1. so cute i love the pictures of them with Santa


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