Monday, February 1, 2016


I took the boys to the doctors yesterday for their six month checkup (even though they're already 7 months old.. I know, a little late) and they are doing AMAZING! They're growing like weeds and don't even look like preemie's anymore! The doctor said Porter is in about the 50th percentile for height and weight now for a normal 7 month old, and he's at the top of the charts for premature babies. Porter's been LOVING food lately and it definitely shows. He now weighs 18 lbs 11 oz and has got rolls on his legs for days! Ollie's a little smaller, but still doing awesome. He's in about the 15th percentile for height and weight and bigger than most babies who were born 10 weeks early as well! He weighs in at 16 lbs 1 oz (so basically three pounds smaller than Porter). We are so happy with how well they are doing! 

The doctor did notice they both have a little flat spot on one side of their head, so we're going to start taking them to physical therapy for that, but other than that they are developing perfectly! The worst part was that they had to get shots. It was just me there with both of them, and the nurse wasn't very helpful in the process so as the boys both laid their screaming after getting shots it got a little overwhelming. Needless to say, I think I'll be taking Braxton with me to their next appointment. 

But we survived it! I think I'm getting this whole mom-of-twins thing down now. 

Love my little monkeys!

Xo Lexie

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