Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter! We've enjoyed a wonderful weekend full of food and family. We headed down to Braxton's parents house Thursday when Braxton got off work and spent the last few days with his family. Tyler came up Friday night to watch the new movie Batman v. Superman in theaters with Braxton and some friends so he spent the night and we got to hangout with him Saturday morning. We went out to eat at this DELICIOUS little dinner for breakfast and ate waaaaay too much food. Anyone else binge eat over holidays? And then Sunday we drove down to Spanish Fork and spent the evening at my Aunt Heather's house with all of my side of the family. Everyone loved seeing the twins again since it had been a while, and we had a blast catching up with cousins. We really are lucky to have so much family and friends close by! A few days before Easter I had to do a photoshoot with the twins and their cute cousin Tristan. I love seeing the relationship these three already have! The boys already look up to Tristan and watch him so closely to follow what he does. It's adorable and I can't wait to see what happens as they get older. 

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all remember the real meaning behind this holiday. He is risen! 
Xo Lexie

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