Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Photography

Photography has really taken off for me these past couple months. I've had so much fun capturing everyones special moments and I've been able to see so much improvement in myself as a photographer as well. I'm so thankful for everyone who took a chance on me when I was first starting out, and for everyone who supports me and my hectic schedule today (mainly my awesome husband who stands by me through it all). I have to say I didn't expect for my business to become this successful this quickly. I'm loving it though. I've made so many awesome friends through this industry and I love that I get a chance to express my creativity again. Don't get me wrong, being a stay at home mom is awesome, but sometimes you gotta get out of the house and do something for yourself. I've recently started shooting more weddings and I've found a passion in that. I have a soft spot for a good love story and it's so fun to play a small part in other peoples! 

I'm definitely still trying to learn how to balance my work and home life. Lots of nights I stay up way too late editing pictures, and then when morning rolls around I hate myself for it. But I'm learning. I'm excited to see where this business takes me! If you'd like to follow along or check me out, you can see my work at 
I'm also on social media!


Thanks so much for joining me on this wild ride! 

Xo Lexie

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